Canada and New England Cruises

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

If you’re planning a vacation to Canada and New England, this article will give you the inside scoop on the destinations that you’re likely to love. From Ports of Call to Excursions, we’ve got you covered! You’ll be able to choose between the most picturesque ports and experience the best of each place.

Ports of call

Canada and New England Cruises

The ports of call on Canada and New England cruises vary depending on the length of the trip and the routes followed. Many of these voyages stop at major cities such as New York and Boston. There are also some that begin and end in the United States. In the United States, ports of call may include New York City, Boston, and the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Some ships even make calls at the iconic Cape Liberty in New Jersey. On the other hand, Canada-bound sailings often depart from Montreal or Quebec, in Canada.

Guests can enjoy a variety of activities and attractions while visiting the ports of call in Canada and New England. Montreal is the most European city in the Americas, and is home to the Old Montreal district, a charming, historic district with cobbled streets and quaint shops. A visit to Montreal’s Notre Dame Basilica, the most famous church in Canada, is another popular choice. It was completed in 1824 and features vaulted ceilings and gold ornamentation.

In addition to New England, Canada and New England cruises often stop in Quebec, home to French cuisine like poutine, as well as historic buildings and the Petit-Champlain District. The latter is also home to the first French settlement in North America. During the fall, travellers can enjoy vibrant foliage and autumn colors in the New England and Canada regions.

Canada and New England cruises typically depart from several East Coast cities, with New York and Boston being the most popular. However, some cruise lines also offer sailings from Baltimore, Norfolk, and Fort Lauderdale. Quebec City and Montreal are other popular destinations for these tours. These cruises are often one-way trips, so you should plan your trip accordingly. However, the best time to visit Canada and New England is during fall foliage, when the foliage is at its best.


Taking a Canada and New England cruise is a great way to see the best of both countries. While onboard, travelers can explore the history of the region and learn about its unique culture. You’ll find majestic architecture, plenty of outdoor festivals, and delicious cuisines that are unique to Canada. Certain areas even replicate French culture. Canada and New England cruises typically stop at Boston, Massachusetts and other New England ports, as well as Quebec City and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Whether you want to learn about the history of Canada or simply see the beautiful scenery, a Canada and New England cruise is an excellent way to explore this area. From a historical perspective, Canadian cities are woven with history. In addition, the region has many French and English influences. The fall season is a great time to experience the region’s colorful foliage.

While winter isn’t the traditional cruising season, it’s a great time to visit the area’s ski resorts. Near Quebec City, you can ski at Stoneham Mountain Resort and Mont Tremblant. Winter temperatures are often mild, ranging from five to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. During the spring, temperatures start rising, and by June, the weather is warm and sunny.

You can travel to the United States, Canada, and Europe from Quebec City on a Canada and New England cruise. The season for these trips runs from May to October, with the majority of ships departing in August and September. As a bonus, autumn foliage is in full swing, making a Canada and New England cruise an ideal time to enjoy leaf peeping.


While taking a Canada and New England cruise, you can indulge in a wide variety of regional dishes. From clam chowder to the famous lobster roll, you will be able to sample many of the best dishes of the regions you visit. You can also experience the history of these ports through their regional cuisine.

Cruises to Canada and New England also include a variety of onboard activities. Some of the activities include mini golf, basketball, and ping-pong. There’s also WaterWorks, a fun splash pad for the whole family. In addition to the water parks, you can also enjoy the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat and indulge in relaxing massages at the Cloud 9 Spa. Other dining options include French toast at Seaday Brunch, and build-your-own tacos at BlueIgua Cantina.

If you enjoy observing whales and seals, you can opt to cruise during the summer months. During fall, you can also see seals off Prince Edward Island. Although the prime time for Canada and New England cruises is October and November, the seasons have gradually extended to include the spring months as well.

The food on Canada and New England cruises is excellent. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and you’ll get to enjoy fresh seafood in lobster rolls and lobster claws dipped in butter. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to sample some of the country’s best restaurants and pubs.

In addition to the delicious local fare on Canada and New England cruises, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit museums. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum has a beautiful collection of 18th century art and features Italian palazzo style architecture. Another popular place to taste local fare is Quebec City. The city’s Old Town (Vieux-Quebec) is a historic and beautiful place established over four hundred years ago. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Taking a Canada and New England cruise is an excellent way to experience this region and explore the history, culture, and natural beauty of the region. These cruises offer extended shore excursions that combine sea and land vacations. You’ll explore famous hot spots from colonial America and admire the pristine natural beauty of eastern Canada. You’ll stay in elegant hotels in beautiful cities and explore the many sites on land.

The most popular shore excursion in Canada and New England is whale viewing. You can book a whale-viewing tour in most New England cities, especially in the fall. These tours usually include a chance to view seals, porpoises, and various whale species. Some tours even offer money-back guarantees.

You’ll find numerous cruise lines offering Canada and New England cruises. These include the big-ship lines, like Royal Caribbean, as well as smaller, intimate companies. The smaller cruise lines offer a more personalized experience. Some offer only fall or summer voyages, while others offer fall and winter itineraries. Norwegian Cruise Line and Hurtigruten offer several itineraries that include ports in New England and Canada.

In Atlantic Canada, you’ll find the capital cities of Saint John and Halifax. You can visit the Halifax library and wharfside shopping district. You’ll also find many cruises that venture down the Saint Lawrence Seaway and into Quebec, which is known as the “La Belle Province.” On the Canadian side, you can visit Montreal and the Sainte-Anne Canyon, as well as a winery.


The fall and summer months are ideal for Canada and New England cruises. Visiting the region during these months offers stunning autumn scenery and the chance to hike trails and enjoy outdoor activities. You will also have the chance to admire the natural beauty of Canada’s and New England’s coastlines.

The most popular ports for Canada and New England cruises are New York, Cape Liberty, and Montreal. Popular 7-night cruises are available for a taste of the region, and longer cruises can incorporate more ports and sight-seeing. Guests will have an opportunity to explore the region’s beautiful towns and historic cities.

A Canada and New England cruise offers passengers the chance to experience a truly memorable vacation. The destinations are culturally rich and offer guests a chance to walk in the footsteps of the nation’s first patriots. The itinerary of Canada and New England cruises offers the chance to visit such places as Newport Rhode Island, which boasts a vibrant harbor and downtown area. You will also visit Boston, a historical city that is rich with historic sites.

The price of Canada and New England cruises is typically low compared to other types of cruises. All-inclusive fares typically cover three meals a day, ocean transportation, and snacks. You can also opt for special excursions and activities geared towards your interests. Some cruises offer activities such as cycling and hiking tours, whale watching, and other activities.

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