Can You Notarise Documents Online?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Can you notarise documents online

With many servers hammered by requests for legal forms and legal documents, it is no wonder that some people have been staying home. However, the traditional approach still exists, which involves humans, pens, and paper. Although it can be difficult to notarize a document without human contact, digital resources are making it possible.

PandaDoc Notary

PandaDoc Notary is a web-based notary service. It connects signers with a notary using a secure, two-way audio-visual connection. It also eliminates fraud by utilizing secure ID verification, KBA questions, and credential validation. It also stores notarized documents in the cloud. The legal requirements for notarizations vary from state to state. In addition, different types of notarizations require different forms of identification. State-issued photo IDs and driver’s licenses are acceptable, as is a certificate of citizenship when it is valid.

PandaDoc Notary is easy to use and can notarise documents across the U.S. You can notarize documents online without leaving your home or office. The software is affordable and secure, so your documents will be protected while completing your transaction. It also records all of your notarial acts, reducing the risk of fraud.

A subscription to PandaDoc Notary is a cost-effective way to notarise documents online. It provides the digital essentials, such as secure electronic journals and errors-and-omissions insurance. The service is designed for individuals or businesses looking for a convenient way to notarise documents online.


eNotaryLog makes notarising documents online easy and secure. It offers remote notarisation and eSign services. This way, you can notarize documents online anytime, anywhere. To sign documents, you need to provide the signer’s personal information. After the signer has provided this information, eNotaryLog will generate a digital signature and electronic notary seal.

eNotaryLog uses industry-standard technologies to provide secure, reliable, and convenient remote notarisations. These technologies include digital audit trails and fraud-evident encryption to ensure that your documents are secure. The service also conforms to the requirements of state laws. As such, it has high standards for security and uses knowledge-based authentication to ensure authenticity.

eNotaryLog’s online notarization process is similar to those of other notary services. You first need to verify your identity by taking a photo of your government-issued ID. Once you have done this, connect with a notary who will notarize your document. Afterwards, you will receive a government-compliant PDF document along with a tamper-proof certificate. The notary’s service costs $25 per document. Moreover, it offers a custom pricing option for businesses.


A remote online notarization service allows a notary public to notarise documents using audio-video technology. The service is available for most computers with reliable internet and a microphone and video camera. The process uses multi-layered encryption to ensure that the information you share is secure. After uploading the document, you will meet with a live notary via video. The notary will confirm your identity and explain the next steps. The notary will then attach a digital notary seal to the document. The document is then available for download for seven days or until it is deleted.

To use eNotary, you need a valid government-issued ID, a device with camera/microphone capability, and a document to be notarised. The notary will ask for proof of identity, such as a drivers’ license or a passport. Once you’ve verified your identity, you’ll need to sign the document. Once you’ve signed the document, you’ll get a secure online notarization certificate and government-compliant PDF file. The eNotary’s fee is $25 per notarization, but if you are a business, you can get a custom price, based on the type of document you’re notarizing.

Remote Online Notarization

Remote online notarization is a growing trend, and the federal government is taking action to support it. The House of Representatives passed SECURE Notarization Act of 2021, which will create federal minimum standards for remote online notarization. These standards must be uniform across all 50 states. Nevertheless, there are still some barriers to this trend.

For a start, a remote notary needs to comply with all the requirements set by their state, which include filing an application and paying an application fee. Some states even require notaries to complete training in remote notarization before they can start performing this legal process online. This can take anywhere from four to five days for a traditional notary to become an online notary.

Using a remote notarization service like DocVerify can help reduce liability risks. This is because e-notarization is done through an online system, not on paper. Documents can be submitted electronically and can be viewed by both the notary and the signer.

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