What Are Good Brokers?

Good brokers are brokerage companies that are regulated, reliable, and offer trading services at a reasonable fee. Good brokers often have access to a fair portfolio of assets and currencies to share with traders. Most brokers operate in the global forex market, CFDs, shares, stocks, and cryptocurrency market. NFT marketplace and crypto exchanges are not considered brokers.

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What Are the Three Types of Brokers?

A good broker’s primary purpose is to solve a trader’s problem for a fee. Secondary functions may include lending for margin transactions and providing information support for trading platforms. There are two main types of brokers: Full-service brokers, and discount brokers.

Full service Broker

A full-service broker executes trades on behalf of a client. They monitor market conditions, provide information on other market participants, and create the technical base to trade. They do make recommendations or manage portfolios.

Discount Broker

Discount brokers offer to buy and sell orders at low commissions but do not offer any other services or value-adds. Their primary objective is to execute trades and charge a lower commission. The more you trade with a discount broker, the lower your costs will be. However, these brokers do not provide portfolio management and advise clients.

What Are Types of Brokers in Forex?

There are two other types of brokers. Non-dealing desk brokers and dealing-desk brokers. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Non Dealing Desk broker (NDD)

A non-dealing desk broker offers a low spread. A dealing desk broker has a high spread. A non-dealing-desk brokerage firm will charge a higher spread. A dealing desk broker, which maintains their own order book to fill client orders. This type of broker also earns money by providing liquidity.

A non dealing desk broker offers a platform that effectively cuts mediators out and uses an automated system checking multiple sources to identify a trading opportunity with the best price for the client. There are two main types of no dealing desk brokers: 

  • Straight-through processors (STP) 
  • Electronic communication networks (ECN).
What Are Good Brokers

What Are Good Brokers?

A broker is a company that charges you for using its platform. A good broker should also have a minimum trading volume.

An ECN broker receives orders from clients and sends them to a pool of liquidity providers. This type of broker offers low-cost trading with the benefit of multiple sources of liquidity, which makes it easier to compare prices. An ECN broker offers competitive quotes. A reliable broker’s quotes are more accurate and reliable than those provided by a typical STP brokerage.

Dealing Desk Broker

A dealing-desk broker will take less commission. This type of broker is more suitable for scalpers and day traders. A no-dealing-desk broker does not maintain any inventory but connects to a wider pool of liquidity providers. As a result, no dealing-desk brokers do not process client orders. However, they provide fixed-spread transactions and fill orders.