How Many Forex Brokers are in the World?

Most of the best Forex brokers in the world were found in the US, Europe (UK and Cyprus particularly), Asia (Japan, Singapore, Australia), and the Middle East. There is barely any brokerage presence in Africa. But recently Indonesian traders, Italian traders have moved the trends.

This has led to a situation where those who trade Forex in countries where there is no physical brokerage presence are at the mercy of the offshore brokers and the regulation issued by the organisations that regulate and oversee these brokerages.

The Forex market has been active since the 1970s. It has became the world’s biggest monetary market, with the average day by day exchanging volume of around 1.2 trillion in 1995 to 5.1 trillion in 2016, according to figures from the Bank of International Settlements. 

However, the forex market is also a place where there is a lot of geological disparity. Where things are an easy breeze for dealers in a few countries, in others, they show all sorts of challenges.

Research shows that the total number of active MetaTrader 4 brokerages currently stands at 1,231. The total number of active binary options brokerages currently stands at 501.

Most of the forex books or articles on the internet showcases and presents Forex in a manner that assumes all traders in all countries have the same access to knowledge, skills, tools, technology, and resources to trade Forex. This is very far from reality.

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What are the best forex brokers in UK?

After the September 11, 2001, terrorist assaults in the US, the government changed the rules under which US companies could do business with foreign entities.

Today, nearly all US forex brokers started closing down accounts of numerous traders from countries that were on the blacklist of the US Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC). To date, dealers from countries on the OFAC boycott are still incapable of opening accounts with US forex brokers.

The major Forex trading platform hubs in Europe are found in London and Cyprus. A few major hubs are slowly rising in Central and Eastern Europe (Malta, Bulgaria, Russia, and Romania). After Covid-19, Italy’e economy got hit and many italan citizens showed interest in finding “Migliori broker CFD” to trade contract for difference.

Cyprus hosts the majority of brokerage companies due to its investment-friendly policies that pulled in a considerable number of forex brokerages. Even Scandinavian traders that normally have to go through UK brokers, can not legally find their preferred brokers called “Bästa CFD-mäklare” and trade with cyprus-regulated brokers.

Besides, no limitations are imposed by these brokers on forex traders they can accept (except banning US citizens to trade with their platforms to dodge obligatory reporting to the US IRS).

Indonesia has its own local community foreign exchange brokers in brokers called “Broker Forex Terbaik” that are not only regulated brokers, but also very popular in Jakarta.

Interestingly, CFD trading is becoming popular in that region too. This link can help you find the list of the best CFD brokers in Indonesia, also known as “Broker CFD Terbaik“.
Numerous dealers from far-flung districts of the world presently exchange with brokers in Cyprus and the UK. The regulatory environment in the UK brokers is exceptionally solid.

Whereas there have been a few criticisms about the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) being a bit too lax with enforcement, CySEC has, without a doubt, made a few key changes to strengthen control in Cyprus.

Trading forex in Japan, Singapore, and Australia is rising too. A Recent report showed that Singapore is expected to become the number-3 forex exchanging hub in the world, after London and New York.

In south-east Asia, Taiwan presently positions itself as one of the countries with the biggest foreign exchange interest, thanks to the gigantic foreign speculation streams into that country.

China has also seen an enormous boom in the forex brokerage business, and introducing brokers for forex companies are easily netting exchanging volumes of 90,000 lots per month.

Asian regulators have pushed towards improving the forex markets in their countries to adapt better to the local environments inside their jurisdictions.

At the moment, strong regulators are in Japan and Australia and they have begun a cooperative effort to guarantee that forex brokers in each country are regulated and aligned with local practices.