Best Robinhood Stocks

What are the best Robinhood stocks? That’s a question asked by nearly everyone wanting to get involved in the growth of the digital stock market. The truth is that dozens of different stocks can be purchased today that pay monthly dividends, but you must do some research before buying, or you might lose money.

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The best stocks in Robinhood are usually found in the company’s red and black flavors. At the time of this writing, X and sq are both selling high-quality shares at reasonable prices. I’d go so far as to say that there is never a bad time to buy into these stocks. The recent confirmation that Apple is getting into the computer monitor market is a clear example of why investors should stay away from Microsoft and their Windows stock. No one can honestly say whether Microsoft will succeed in the computer monitor market, but there is no doubt that Windows has an enormous advantage over Macintosh computers. The confirmed uptrend in Apple shares is a good indicator that investors should stay on top of the situation.

Another good example of a great investment in the best Robinhood stocks is Silver Lance. Silver Lance is one of several stock investing apps on Nasdaq that has a confirmed uptrend. Investors have beaten big on Silver Lance because it is the premier online retailer of digital video discs and has a very strong management team. Silver Lance is a leader in the growing niche of eBooks and other media-based products, quickly moving from novelty to necessity. Its stock price is certainly moving up.

Best Energy Stocks in Robinhood

Another strong composite rating on Robinhood stocks that are reaping profits is Energy Brands. Energy Brand is an energy drink that is sold under two different brands. It is widely popular in the United States and Australia. Energy Brand is not a toy, as its earnings are more than enough to make it an attractive investment. As an interesting side note, Energy Brand is an orphan company listed on Nasdaq, which means that none of its parent companies have filed any reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

What is Relative Strength, RSI?

Another attractive option for investors seeking the best Robinhood stocks is called the Relative Strength Index or RSI. The RSI is a statistical measure that uses a mathematical formula to rate the strength of a particular stock. If a stock has a higher RSI, it is considered more financially sound and potentially more valuable than another stock with a lower RSI. With such a high relative strength rating, many traders turn to the Robinhood stock selections that carry the strong composite rating of the companies mentioned above and add a little more.

So what should you look for in the best Robinhood stocks? It seems that the best stocks are those that offer excellent long-term potential. It also seems that the best Robinhood stocks are those that do not have significant short-term drawdown concerns. And, of course, we want our money to grow in value, not just stay flat. Thus, a good stock market research tool like the relative strength index will help us achieve this goal.

The relative strength index or RSI measures the overall health by comparing it to the market average. For instance, if the stock is worth eight dollars today and it was worth forty-two dollars one year ago, it would have fallen by three percent over the last year. If the company earned an adjusted profit of two hundred thousand dollars in the first quarter, it would have increased by fifty-one percent. This simple but effective measure tells you how healthy a particular stock is.

Another important consideration is the quality of the underlying business. As with other Robinhood stocks, it is important to understand that the company must be growing rapidly to make it onto the list of the top 100 stocks. Otherwise, it will be considered an emerging market rather than a growth firm. In addition, the financial statements of the company are very important to consider. If there is a lot of debt, poor financial ratios, a large market cap, low earnings per share, or a high dividend, then the chances are that the company is not as successful as they make itself out to be. However, many Robinhood stocks fit both of these criteria, so it is important to investigate as much as possible before investing.

Ehsan Jahandarpour

Ehsan Jahandarpour is a serial entrepreneur, globally recognized growth hacker, and managing partner of Ehsan oversees the business strategies, partners, investors and ultimately leads the company's marketing initiatives. ®