Best Online Notary Services

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Best online notary services

There are several different online notary services available. Some of the most popular ones are NotaryCam and DocVerify. These are great for both businesses and individuals. They also offer volume discounts on notarization, and they also let you notarize documents from anywhere in the world. These services have high security measures and are highly regarded.


For businesses and individuals, NotaryCam online notary services can be a great resource. The company provides a variety of services, including notarization of documents, including real estate documents. NotaryCam also offers volume discounts to businesses, and it supports notarization from anywhere in the world. Its advanced security features ensure the safety of sensitive data.

NotaryCam also offers secure identity verification tools that help ensure the authenticity of the signer. The technology records the entire video-audio portion of the notarization session, preventing fraud before it even happens. NotaryCam also offers volume discounts for customers who sign ten or more documents per month.

To use NotaryCam, you must have an internet connection and audio/video technology. Then, upload the document that you want to notarize. Once you have finished, you will receive a digitally stamped document. You will no longer need to travel. The service is convenient and allows you to perform notarizations without any physical presence.

NotaryCam online notary services are available from almost any computer or mobile device with a webcam. The process takes about 15 minutes. You can sign documents and upload them to the Notarize app. Once your identity is verified, the notary will witness your electronic signature and add a notarial seal. After the notarization, you will be able to download your document or send it via email. NotaryCam has an affordable business package starting at $99 per month. You can also set up your own custom pricing.

The company’s electronic notary platform follows all state requirements regarding remote notarization. It even surpasses them. The service also provides tools to verify the identity of unknown individuals. Moreover, it allows notaries to keep their video recordings for five years. With this, NotaryCam allows notaries to focus on the more important aspects of their job.

Another great feature of NotaryCam is that it does not require an in-person visit to use the service. With this service, clients can get their documents notarized online from the comfort of their own home. NotaryCam has a free trial period, but it requires a paid subscription. The fees for the service vary by location.


If you need a notarized document for any purpose, SafeDocs can help you. Its SaaS-based platform makes transactions easy and secure. It follows the Virginia eNotary Assurance Standard. The service is available to individuals and businesses nationwide. You can view their FAQ for more information.

SafeDocs is built to serve the most demanding enterprises. Its API enables the service to be integrated into enterprise applications and web portals. It is also integrated with the nation’s largest notary signing networks. The company also offers background checks and offers remote and in-person notarization options.

To use SafeDocs online notary services, all you need is a computer with audio and video capability. A document can’t be larger than 25 MB in size. The process is fast and secure, and you can notarize as many documents as you need. You can easily upload documents to SafeDocs and then send them back to be notarized.

SafeDocs is a web-based remote notary service that offers a range of solutions for businesses and individuals. Its enterprise package provides wet-signed documents, remote eNotarized transactions, document delivery, execution oversight, and more. The service is designed to meet the legislative requirements of over 20 states and implements signer verification safeguards.

Virginia is the first state to approve remote notarization. It has over 200,000 notarizations and is recruiting eNotary trainers. The eNotary training helps new notaries become familiar with the program and ensure the quality of services. In addition to this, the service also provides an API for developers.

SafeDocs also offers convenient customer support and emphasizes the security of sensitive documents. Its service is available in all 50 states and has a customer-friendly online platform. Users can upload documents and select a notary to conduct their notarization. They can even schedule appointments online. The service is also secure and convenient, and it does not require any software or hardware to use.

To begin using an online notary service, you must be sure that you have a valid state-issued or government-issued photo ID. If you plan to offer notarial services, you should always make sure that your fees are reasonable and transparent to your signers.


If you’re in need of a notary in your state but don’t have time to travel, DocVerify’s online notary service is an excellent choice. It offers online notary services in every state and enables notaries to use their webcams to notarize documents. It also allows notaries to keep most of the fees they receive for their services.

DocVerify is one of the largest e-signing platforms in the United States and has notarized more than three million documents. It constantly updates its website to incorporate changes in legislation, and has state-approved notary services in each state. Additionally, it is incredibly cost-effective compared to its competitors.

The platform offers an electronic notary journal and digital certificates to notaries. These certificates can be purchased directly from the site, and they are easy to install. This gives notaries more time for other tasks. The online notary service also includes a seal. By using DocVerify, you can avoid the hassles of travel and notarizations and focus on more important things.

DocVerify is perfect for organizations with multiple notaries. Their E-Notary platform enables notaries to complete electronic notarizations for others, and also enables them to perform notarizations from their own computers. The system also features powerful APIs and widgets that allow you to integrate DocVerify into your own applications.

There are a few things you should know before using DocVerify. First, this service is not a notary itself. Notaries are independent businesses, and not a company. If you need to notarize multiple documents, you can also pay for a subscription. The DocVerify service is free for one notarization, while paying for unlimited documents makes it more affordable.

Another thing that makes DocVerify stand out among other online notary services is its ease of use. While traditional notary services require that you meet the local notary in person, using DocVerify gives you the option to be flexible and offer remote notarizations to clients. The service also comes with a notary E&O insurance that covers legal fees.

Another good option for online notaries is NotaryCam. The service is convenient and affordable, and caters to businesses and individuals. This company has a volume discount and can notarize documents across countries. It also offers a mobile app.


eNotaryLog offers secure and convenient eSign and remote online notarization. Its features include a user-friendly dashboard, APIs, and batch sending of documents to multiple recipients. The platform is also SOC 2 certified, which means that your data is protected. The software allows you to manage the security of your documents with audit trails. eNotaryLog is compatible with all devices, including mobile devices.

For an individual, the service is available for $25. However, for a business, the price may be higher. Some of the business packages cost $300 or more and offer multiple users. Other packages start at $57/month and include more features. The pricing for a business account varies greatly and depends on the number of transactions you make each month.

The platform is secure and scalable. It helps you grow as a digital notary with the ability to add new features. You can sign and return documents, and it even includes a secure cloud-based electronic journaling. Besides, you can use this service to upload documents, sign them, and send them to a notary anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can sign documents without leaving your home or office.

However, it has some shortcomings. The most notable one is that it does not allow document editing, which makes it less than ideal for businesses. The other disadvantage of eNotaryLog is that it does not support RON in all states. Moreover, it does not offer document storage, which is a big issue for some users.

When using an online notary service, you’ll need a computer with good audio and video capabilities. You’ll also need to have a secure internet connection. You can also choose to have the virtual notary sign the document from a computer or tablet. You’ll then be sent a digital copy of the notarized document.

If you’re not satisfied with eNotaryLog, you can try other online notary services. NotaryCam is another great option. It caters to both individuals and businesses. It offers volume discounts on notarization. Another feature of this platform is that it can notarize documents overseas.

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