Best Grocery List Apps For Apple Watch

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Best grocery list apps for apple watch

There are a handful of apps that can help you keep track of what you need to buy, and there are several to choose from. These apps all have different features and benefits. Among them is List Ease, which allows you to quickly add items to your shopping list, and get notifications when an item is running low. You can also customize your lists with more details. You can also share your grocery list with others, and the app will sync the items that other people have added to your list.


Mealime makes it easy to plan healthy meals on your watch. The app lets you choose what you want for dinner and create a grocery list based on your preferences and your dietary restrictions. You can also plan for the whole week and see which foods you need to buy. The app even lets you cross things off your list, so you won’t have to think about what to buy in the grocery store.

Another great thing about this app is its flexibility. You can plan your meals according to your budget and your preferences, or use its built-in recipe library. The app also helps you make healthy food choices and automatically updates your grocery list based on the recipe. Mealime offers a free version and a paid version. The latter costs $3 a month, but it features exclusive recipes and nutrition information.

You can also share your lists with other people with the help of this app. This feature is especially useful for those people who frequently forget to buy items. They can share their grocery list with others, and they can even add items to it from their recipes. In addition, Mealime has a version for the iPhone, so you can add ingredients on the watch, without leaving your watch. The iPhone version also has ads, but you can remove them with a subscription.

The best apple watch grocery list apps will help you organize your lists so you don’t waste food and time. They also help you avoid unnecessary purchases. Whether you need to buy groceries for your family, or you need to buy something for yourself, a list app will make your life easier.


OurGroceries is a grocery list app for iPhone and Apple Watch that offers a variety of features. It allows you to share lists with friends, add links to items, and add ingredients from recipes. The app also allows you to create multiple lists at the same time. You can also dictate items to be added to a list. The iPhone version also lets you dictate the items you’ll need to buy.

OurGroceries is an easy way to make a shopping list. You can use dictated words or type them manually. You can only see a few dozen items at a time, but tapping on the item name will reveal the rest of the list. The OurGroceries app even lets you add a complication to your watch face, so you can easily access your shopping lists wherever you are. The app also includes a setting to customize the wake-screen for your Apple Watch. You can set it to stay on the screen for seventy seconds, or to return to the clock after two minutes, depending on your Apple Watch model.

If you need to share your lists with someone else, you can also share your account with them. OurGroceries is a free app for iOS and Android devices. It can even work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices. To invite another person to share your lists, you simply sign into your account.

While shopping can be a tedious task, a shopping list can help you stay organized and avoid forgetting important items. One of the most useful apps for grocery lists is OurGroceries, which is compatible with both the Apple Watch and iPhone. This app allows you to share lists and add notes to them. You can also create a list that includes recipes.


The AnyList grocery list app for the Apple Watch has many useful features, including category organization. It can automatically sort your items into categories, as well as let you add items from recent purchases. It also has the ability to share lists via email and SMS. It has a near-perfect 4.9 star rating in the App Store.

AnyList also offers photo capabilities for your lists. If you have upgraded your account, you can even share them with your friends and family. Using photos on your list makes pandemic shopping easier. You can also add notes to jot down ideas and other things you want to remember.

This app is free and available for both iOS and Android devices. It also syncs across different devices. It also lets you share your lists with other Apple Watch users. Unlike many other grocery list apps, AnyList has no ads and no in-app purchases. The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

There are a lot of great features in this grocery list app for the Apple Watch. Among them is “Smart Sorting,” which automatically arranges items according to aisle order. The app will also learn your shopping habits and arrange items in the aisle order that you prefer. This way, you can shop with less stress.

In addition to organizing your lists, AnyList lets you add recipes and share them with friends. All of this makes your life easier. You can also subscribe to AnyList to have it sync with your Apple Watch and iMac. And for added convenience, you can even add items with your voice. The app also features voice input for recipes and shopping lists.


Cozi is a great app for grocery lists. It’s free, user-friendly, and will help you stay organized. You can use it to manage calendars, grocery lists, and even meal plans. It’s the perfect choice for busy families. It can also keep track of family events, sports activities, and household chores.

It’s easy to use, features the ability to share lists, and has a customizable account that allows you to organize your shopping lists. The app will also display animated lists of items that you have to buy, which will save you time at the store. If you have an iPhone, you should download the Cozi grocery list app for your iPhone or iPad.

Another great feature of the Cozi grocery list app for apple watch is the ability to share lists with family and friends. You can also send reminders to yourself or others when it’s time to shop. The Cozi app also enables you to collaborate with other people via email or text messages.

The Cozi grocery list app for apple watch allows you to share a family calendar, grocery list, and to-do list. It also allows you to add photos and collaborators. You can also use labels to organize your notes. The app is free, but you can upgrade to Cozi Gold to unlock more features, like a birthday tracker.

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