Bad Credit Business Loans

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

How to Get a Business Loan With Bad Credit?

Are you thinking about applying for a business loan with bad credit? If so, then you have come to the right place. This article will help you understand what is involved and what it means to obtain a business loan with bad credit. The idea of a business loan for a bad credit score may seem ludicrous. Still, it is an option available to entrepreneurs who have fallen on hard times due to the economy. If you are looking to get a business loan for a bad credit score, here are some tips that might help you out.

Many lenders are now starting to consider other business factors besides your creditworthiness, especially for first-time business loans with bad credit. While many still pull your credit report to verify your identity, there are now many reasons why a lender may not look at it anymore. With all the ways identity theft is becoming more rampant, many lenders are starting to cut their losses by focusing less on your credit score and more on your business plan and success. There are still credit bureaus that will pull your report as a matter of course, but this is only one factor of many. You will probably need to have a very solid business plan in place before a lender gives you a business loan for a bad credit score.

What business plans qualify for business loans?

It is often said that the more effort you put into building your business, the more chance you have of succeeding. The same is true when it comes to applying for bad credit business loans. When you are new in business, your chances of failure are very high. That’s because most banks want to be sure that they are only giving out money to good, risk people. If you are someone who has had financial problems in the past, or if you are just bad at keeping your finances in order, you are going to have a much higher risk of defaulting on business loans for bad credit.

To get approved for a small business loan with bad credit, you need to show the lender a clear business plan. It would help if you showed them that you plan to turn things around despite your bad credit history. There are many resources available online that can help you with this. Lenders also want to know that you are motivated to make sure you get approved for bad credit business loans.

Another way how to get a business loan with bad credit? Consider completing an online application. Dozens of lenders now offer applications to consumers like you who have had financial difficulties. These lenders will match your requirements based on your income, assets, and debts, so you’ll be matched with the best business loans for bad credit.

Startup financing with bad credit

When looking for financing, one thing to consider is the origination fee that you would have to pay on the business loan. There are two types of fees that are involved in small business loan applications. The first is a “start-up” fee paid when you submit your business loan application. The other is an origination fee, which is due when your business gets approved. An origination fee can add up to a lot, so be careful about choosing the lender that requires it.

Lenders who offer small business loans for bad credit will want to know why you need the financing and how you plan to repay the money. It’s not a good idea to give them a business loan without considering the repayment plans and options. Ask the lenders how they define “good” and “bad” credit to know what your chances of getting approved are. You should also ask if the lenders require a down payment or collateral to secure the business loans. If the lenders don’t require these things, you might want to look elsewhere for your business financing.

There are some lenders out there who truly believe in their lending practices. These lenders will offer you a no documentation loan, meaning that the documents don’t have to be submitted to them for approval. If you have business needs that must be filled out accurately and promptly, this might be an option for you. Otherwise, find out if you can get a short-term loan from the same lender to cover your business expenses until your next payday. This is an excellent way to ensure that you can pay all of your bills as quickly as possible. However, it’s important to remember that the interest on your short-term loan is higher than you would get from a traditional, standard small business loan, so you need to budget accordingly.

How to get business loan with bad credit?

Stressed about your credit history?
Here’s the solution to obtain a loan with a bad credit history!

When Traditional banks are unwilling to loan such a customer, alternative lenders are willing to offer small business loans. Some of these lenders have no particular credit score requirements and loan money based on revenue or business time.

Thus, with business loans, entrepreneurs can get access to a lump sum of money which they can use to sustain their business and thrive. It is interesting to note that the best business loans are offered online and not by traditional banks.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 best business loans for bad credit borrowers.

Top 10 best business loans with bad credit

What are the requirements for a bad credit business loan?


Founded in 2013, Fundbox offers pre-qualified business loans online without any hard inquiry about credit score. It qualifies you for a certain amount, and you can borrow as per your needs. They offer loans within a short service time.


  • Fundbox provides quick service, and you get a decision within minutes.
  • There is no hard inquiry about the credit score of the borrower.
  • A borrower is not required to borrow a lump sum and can borrow money as per her needs.


  • A borrower cannot borrow a lump sum upfront
  • Lines of credit are restricted to 100,000$


Bluevine has served more than 200,000 customers by delivering more than 9$ billion in financing since its establishment in 2013. Bluevine mainly focuses on small businesses and offers business lines of credit up to $250,000 and invoice factoring with credit lines of a maximum of 5 million dollars.


  • Bluevine has invoice factoring credit lines as large as 5$ million.
  • Loan disbursement is quick, usually within 24 hours of approval.
  • Bluevine has Flexible business lines of credit.


  • New startup loans are not accepted
  • Bluevine might require a general lien on business assets and a personal guarantee.


Founded in 2006, Ondeck has prominently established its reputation as small business loan lenders that offer the loan amount on the same day. This is a crucial factor for small business owners to keep up with the expenses.


  • Ondeck provides funding as soon as on the same day.
  • A borrower can borrow small business loans up to 250000$ or 100,000 with lines of credit.
  • They have maintained transparency in the loan details, approval, and eligibility process.


  • It does not work for people who look for bad credit personal loan. A Minimum personal credit score of 600 is necessary to borrow money from Ondeck.
  • Applicants also need at least one year in business with a minimum of 100,000$ in revenue.


Kabbage is well known for its fast funding and flexible options for financing. Founded in 2021, Kabbage aims to provide cash flow to all types of businesses. It offers secured and unsecured personal loan options for small businesses.

One can also apply for industry-specific loans for truck loans, pawnshops, retail, etc. Kabbage has an easy online application process and fast funding upon approval.


  • Kabbage has transparent qualification requirements and no application fee.
  • Multiple small business loan options are available, along with access to the mobile application.


  • A borrower needs to be in business for at least a year and have 4200$ in revenue each month.


Founded in 2005, Kiva is a peer-to-peer lending platform that serves as an ideal option when borrowers want to borrow a small amount of money. The interest rate is 0% APR and the repayment period is for three years. Kiva supports the underprivileged communities and their members to qualify for a small loan and work towards achieving their dream.


  • It allows borrowers to borrow money with no interest.
  • You can market your product to a vast network of Kiva lenders.
  • The repayment time is up to 36 months.


  • The borrowing amount is restricted to 15,000$
  • It takes 30 days or more to be funded.

Now that we know the best options available in the market, let us clarify some common questions about business loans and bad credit.