Alto Crypto IRA Review

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

AltoIRA is a self-directed IRA platform to invest in cryptocurrencies, startups, and alternative investment opportunities. Alto Crypto IRA review covers the Alto CryptoIRA company, pros and cons, fees, security, account type, and tax benefits compared to other IRAs.

Alto Crypto IRA

Alto IRA is a fintech platform that offer IRA investors access to crypto offerings investment and alternative assets like startups and VC. It is a legitimate self-directed IRA platform led by Eric Satz, CEO, and has investors including Franklin Templeton and Moment Ventures. Alto is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and launched in the fall of 2018.

You can contribute to Alto by depositing cash or even rollover vs transferring your IRA into your account, and it follows the know your customer (KYC) requirements.

Alto Crypto IRA Account types

Ira retirement accounts are popular retirement accounts, and Alto supports traditional and Roth IRAs and SEP IRAs. It also supports rollover accounts but doesn’t support inherited IRAs or individual 401ks. Generally, you can open these account types with Alto:

  • Alto traditional IRA,
  • Alto Roth IRA,
  • SEP


Alto CryptoIRA requires a $10 minimum initial investment and presents hundreds of cryptocurrencies to invest in. AltoIRA platform charges a 1% fee per transaction, which is 1% lower than Coinbase. The account maintenance fee is $100 per year. You will also bear the cost of wire transfers and $50 for account closure.

Aside from low fees and fair ira pricing investment plan, AltoIRA also offer startup idea and opportunities crypto offerings for trading and investing. They partner with popular cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges, including Coinbase, and help you use your account to buy and sell crypto, earning interest and avoiding the trading fees associated with traditional IRAs.

Unlike many other investment opportunities crypto IRA companies offer, alto ira pricing lets you invest in over 135 different cryptocurrencies through its offerings investment partners like Coinbase exchange. You can also have an AltoIRA account and invest in non digital assets like gold and silver bullion.

Alto CryptoIRA Portfolio

Alto’s CryptoIRA lets you invest in over 135 different cryptocurrencies through its partnership with the Coinbase IRA exchange. You can also have an AltoIRA account and buy precious assets, like gold and silver bullion, through Alto.

Best Assets for Investment:

  • Securitized Collectibles
  • Crowdfunding
  • Crypto Fund
  • Farmland
  • Music Royalties
  • Private Credit
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Startup
  • Venture Capital

Alto does offer an alternative investment platform for retirement account. The company has a dozen tax-advantaged crypto funds, including ones from Grayscale, Skybridge Capital, and Valkyrie.


While it allows IRA investors to own personal assets, Alto has some restrictions. Investments are limited to S-Corp stocks network and parent-child relationships and can’t invest in publicly traded assets. If this sound like a risky investment plan, you must conduct your due diligence before investing in any Alto IRA.

Risks & Guarantees

The most significant disadvantage is that Alto doesn’t offer a SIPC guarantee on alternative investments, which means you are not protected against financial losses. Getting an Alto IRA account is similar to opening an account with an online broker. You can then choose a cryptocurrency investment option, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and invest in it.

Mobile App IRAs

Our alto ira review found that their app offers easy access to over 150 cryptocurrencies. Its pricing investment opportunities and fee structure are subtle, but you will have to pay at least $100 per year and $10 to $50 per investment. With Alto, you can find a investment partners through an small investment firm and access thousands of alternative investment deals.

Invest in Decentralized Alternative Assets

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All Accredited and unaccredited investors alike can easily invest with an Alto’s IRA.

First, you should know that Alto CryptoIRA is an IRA that works with Coinbase for custodial purposes. It offers $250,000 FDIC insurance for your investment. It is also regularly audited by the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department. Additionally, your altcoins are insured by Coinbase for $3 million, commercial crime, and cyber-crime insurance.

Alto Alternative IRA

Investing in a business or startup deal is a great way to get a tax advantage. Alternative IRAs let you direct your money, lend to disEquityied people, invest in private equity, and work with other investors to form LLC. However, these options are not suitable for every investor.

Self-Directed IRA, SDIRA

Alternative Investment-platforms offer more flexibility to investors. Unlike traditional retirement accounts, an SDIRA allows you to invest in assets that do not meet certain criteria. Some non-traditional assets have higher risks than traditional investments.

For instance, cryptocurrency can give investors higher money returns than traditional stocks, but it also comes with more significant risks and volatility. Due diligence is necessary before investing in such assets. Nevertheless, an SDIRA allows you to choose the assets you want to invest in.

What Coins are on AltoIRA?

You can choose from over 150 digital assets, token, coin and cryptocurrency you want to invest in and invite potential investors to support them. This Investments platform is great to get the hang of blockchain trading, to buy sell, and hold crypto with tax advantages of retirement account.

Alto IRA Crypto Coins

How to Set Up Your AltoIRA Investor Account

When you are ready to start investing with Alto, you will need to create your investor account. Here is 5 steps to create your AltoIRA-accout:

  1. Step 1: To begin, you must enter your personal and financial details, employer, and objectives.
  2. Step 2:Select either a Roth or traditional IRA. You can also choose between a SEP IRA.
  3. Step 3: You must wait for the KYC process to validate and approve your account.
  4. Step 4: Next, you will fund your account with card or wire transfer.
  5. Step 5: Then, you must review, and confirm your investment